The compact all-rounder

Designed for high-density computing environments, the DPA UPScale ST delivers power protection from 10 kW to 120 kW (1 to 6 modules) in a single industry-standard 19” frame. The powerful configuration offers a solution with maximum power density of 272 kW/m2. Its flexible design provides a “pay as you grow” model, ideal in situations where requirements change quickly and unpredictably.

The DPA UPScale enables cost reduction through the best-in-class efficiency performance, fast and efficient implementation and extremely low overall operating costs.

The DPA UPScale ST is specially designed for space-saving flexibility.Space limitations are often a challenge, especially in areas where the real estate prices are very high. Consequently, the small footprint may be a major decision-making criterion when it comes to choosing the appropriate power protection system.

DPA UPScale ST ST 40 ST 60 ST 80 ST 120
UPS-modules, pcs 2 3 4 6
Inbuilt Batteries Yes Yes No No
Output Power max. 40 kW 60 kW 80 kW 120 kW
Dimensions (WxHxD) 550x1135
x770 mm
x770 mm
x770 mm
Weight with all modules up to
136 kg
up to
238 kg
up to
169 kg
up to
263 kg
Product Knowledge
Main features :
  • Intelligent, self-contained modules
  • Modules of low weight (10kW = 18.6kg; 20kW = 21.5kg)
  • Total compatibility with any installation (irrespective of PF)
  • Excellent input performance
  • PF > 0.99
  • THDi < 3%
  • AC-AC Efficiency 95.5%
  • Transformerless
  • Online double conversion technology