Concept Power Maxi


Conceptpower Maxi are three phase UPS systems in the range of 250-300kVA and they protect your mission critical load and your environment during the entire UPS lifecycle.

Large and heavy traditional UPS systems have been in the market for a long time. Big and bulky accessories like 12pulse rectifiers and input harmonic filters are used to improve the input power factor and the input current THD in order not to pollute the mains.

The consequences are expensive floor-space, power losses throughout the lifecycle of the UPS and increased audible noise. In the past decade we have experienced very modest qualitative technological improvements with clear end-user benefits in the area of high power UPS’s. Enviromentally conscious customers today are not only demanding highest power protection availability but also systems that are enviromentally friendly and ensure low cost of ownership.

General Data Conceptpower Maxi 250–300kVA
Output Rated Power(kVA) 250 300
Output Power Factor 0.8
Topology On-Line, Double Conversion
Parallel Technology Distributed Parallel Architecture
Redundancy n+1 High reliability, no limitation of paralleling
Capacity Upgrade Add your power as you grow (no limitation)
Static and Maintenance Bypass Standard
Accessibility Front and rear accessible for service and maintenance (no need for side or top access)
Efficiency (Double Conversion) Up to 97%
Audible Noise with 100%/75% Load dBA 73/70 75/72
Product Knowledge

Features and customer benefits are manifold

  • Down-time Cost Saving
  • Transportation Cost Saving
  • Energy Cost Saving
  • Floor-space Cost Saving
  • Installation Cost Saving
  • Battery Cost Saving
  • Power Extension Cost Saving