Vektor Ablerex

MSII 6-10 kVA


The Ablerex MSII Parallel On-Line UPS, is the perfect solution for mission critical users who demand high reliability, availability and performance for critical electronic equipment and computer loads.

It features double conversion True Online Technology, field-proven full Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and utilises our uniquely patented inverter control technology. The Ablerex MSII Parallel On-Line UPS is a scalable system which achieves N + 1 redundancy without any additional parts.





 Input Voltage (Vac)

160-280 *

160-280 * (1P / 1P)
277-485 (3P / 1P)

 Input Frequency (Hz)


 Input Phase / Wire

Single, Line + Neutral + Ground

 Input Power Factor

Up to 0.99 at 100% Linear Load

 Output Voltage (Vac)

200/220/230/240 Selectable (208/120 Optional)

 Output Capacity (VA/W)


8000/5600, 10000/7000

 Output Rated Power Factor

0.7 lagging

 Output Wave Form / Distortion

Sine Wave, Voltage THD<3% (no load to full load)

*160-176Vac at ≤75% load

Product Knowledge
  • Full Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Control
  • True Double Conversion On-Line Technology
  • High Input Power Factor and Low Current THD
  • Energy-effiecient UPS
  • Built-in Maintenance Manual Bypass
  • Smart ECO Mode
  • i-Batt
  • Cold Start Function
  • Power Range and Runtime Scalability
  • Optional Galvanic Isolated Transformer
  • Communication Capability
  • Dual Input Option
  • Optional External Battery Charger Box ( 1000 Watts / 4Amps)
  • Matching Battery Cabinet Connectivity
  • Optional Hot Swappable Battery Connectivity (For Built-in Battery)