Vektor Ablerex

MS 1-3 kVA


In  today’s world we are heavily reliant on technology and the power that drives it. If you do not have the correct protection you are putting your business at risk of downtime, lost data and even component damage. The intelligent Mars series is a cost effective way of meeting your critical power needs and integrated seamlessly into the modern network environment.



MS 1000

MS 2000

MS 3000

 Input Voltage (Vac)

80-140 or 160-280

 Input Frequency (Hz)

50/60±5% (Auto Sensing)

 Input Phase


 Input Power Factor

>0.98 (Full Load)

 Output Voltage (Vac)

100/110/120/127 or 200/220/230/240

 Output Capacity (VA/W)




 Output Load Power Factor Range

0.5 Lagging to Unity within KW rating of unit

 Output Wave Form

Sine Wave, THD<3% (no load to full load)

Product Knowledge
  • Unity Input Power Factor
  • Single-Chip Microprocessor Control
  • User Friendly Display
  • User Friendly Plug and Play Design
  • Complete Protection Circuitry
  • Customer Options Slot
  • Double Conversion On-Line Technology
  • Matching Battery Cabinet
  • Smart Battery Management System (SBM)
  • Communication