Message Master 4000


Critical Alarm Monitoring System

Facilities are an essential part of every building and installations. They provide power, heating, cooling, safety, security, automation, comfort and convenience to its occupants. As machineries, they are also needed for profit generation. It is important that facilities are operated efficiently, optimal, and well maintained. Down time is an expensive affair. Bussines loose thousands, even millions of dollars when an important facility breaks down. One aspect of maintenance is to know the condition of equipments, being able to monitor them. Effective monitoring helps avert or reduce down time and when it happens, minimize the repair time.

Message Master 4000 is a critical alarm monitoring system designed to meet all aspects of facility monitoring. It sends SMS Alerts and email notification to users instantly as the alarm(s) happens. Message master product series has more than 10 years of proven track record helping businesses to effectively monitor, control and manage various type of facilities. Many satisifed and returning customers are testament to the product’s rich features, reliability, quality, and ease of use.




 Message Master 4000 (RMC), WebIO Controller (WEC)


 RMC1   |   RMC2   |   WEC1   |   WEC2   |   WEC3

 Operating Voltage

 9 to 30VDC, 2Watts max power consumption


 32 bit 50MHZ microcontroller


 Non volatile storage memory stores history logs

 GSM modem*

 Dual Band GSM 900/1800 Mhz Class 4 (2W at 900 MHZ) Class 1 (1W at 1800 
 Mhz), optional triband modem available

 Operating Environment

 0 – 55 degree Celsius, 0 – 90% non condensing

 Size & Weight

 125 (L) x 38 (H) x 100 (D) mm, 480 gm

 Security Feature

 2 Level security, Administrator and User level

 Real Time Clock

 Date time with NTP Support

 LCD Display

 16 x 2 Characters with backlight, selectable status display
 Date and Time   |   Network Status   |   Device Name   |   Telco 
 Signal Strength*   |   Digital Input State   |   Digital Input Alarm State  
 |   RelayOutput State   |   Analog Input Reading**   |   Analog Input 

 LED Indicators

 a) 1 amber indicator for Telco network status*
 b) 1 green indicator for Power

 Communication port

 1 x RJ45 port, Ethernet 10/100 Mbit


 HTML interface, accessible via web browser software


*   Not available in WebIO Controller (WEC)

** Not available in RMC2 and WEC2

Product Knowledge
  • Standalone – complete monitoring & control software and hardware in a small robust enclosure
  • No external software or PC is required
  • All configurations are user definable
  • Web based user interface – Access and configure settings with common web browsers
  • Can be managed locally on Lan or remotely over internet or intranet
  • Remote control of equipment using web access or SMS
  • Built-in supervisory circuity ensures high reliability and stable operation
  • Eight or 16 protected digital inputs. Accepts dry contacts or voltage input
  • Four analog inputs (RMC1)
  • Two or 4 relay outputs (depending on models)
  • 2 x 16 LCD display on front panel showing important information and status
  • SMS alarm messages up to 40 mobile phones with time stamps
  • Alarm SMS repeats and escalations
  • Send alarm messages via email
  • Built in Real-time-clock with capability to synchronize to Network Time Servers
  • Scheduled automatic and manual system status reporting via SMS
  • Up to 500 lines of event log memory
  • XML data structures. Easily interface to third party applications
  • More monitoring points can be added with optional Web Expansion controllers
  • Automatic connectivity supervision when more than one controller is on the network